Organic Perfumes & Colognes

cafe gourmand

Cafe Gourmand in Soho

It must have been a coincidence as I sat here working on my organic perfume slideshow that two middle-aged men sat down by the table beside mine in a French café. They were filling this small enclosed space with their strong, overpowering cologne. Within seconds, my throat begin to swell, my eyes started to water and I started having difficulty breathing non-perfumed air. It was all over. Suffocating to say the least!

They clearly have no idea how synthetic perfumes or colognes can pose to be a serious health risk, containing toxic petroleum and coal-based chemicals, as well as various other carcinogenic ingredients which have been linked to skin, reproductive and hormone irritation. These colognes, for example, are deemed to be the best in terms of their distinction and balance. Research has shown that organic perfumes or colognes actually created a chemical reaction in the body that lifts the senses as opposed to synthetic ones which brings the senses down.

The good news however is that consumers and companies are starting to realize the health risks of synthetic perfumes. Below are several companies who offer perfumes in multiple forms and strengths – spray, roll-on, EDT, EDP, oils etc that are organic and free from harmful materials.

Founded by Jane Willow of London, The Organic Perfume offers a safe alternative to synthetic perfumes using pure ingredients that are free from solvents, petrochemicals, dyes, alcohol and pesticides. Her perfumes have been certified organic by the USDA and they are vegan and have not been tested on animals. All ingredients have been locally sourced and are made in small batches in Cheshire. It comes in a recyclable, environmentally-friendly packaging which is minimalistic.

a perfume lab

A perfume lab – A woman’s dream?

New-York based Neil Carter prides itself on using old-fashioned ways pre-World War Two to craft his perfumes and colognes, using all-natural wine, and plant and flower extracts which grow naturally and have been carefully selected to be of the highest quality. His perfumes are free from preservatives and phthalates. He believes that nothing smells better than an au naturel fragrances, whether perfumes or colognes, where one can smell the real flowers as opposed to synthetic man-made chemicals which have been concocted in a lab.

Green Garden on the other hand offers a range of natural perfume options which are vegan and cruelty-free. Spray perfumes are manufactured using corn-based alcohol and a mix of essential oils. There are no gluten, artificial colors or parabens used. Solid perfumes on the other hand are made with a blend of soy, coconut and bee wax which are also parabens free, propylene and glycol free.

Last but not least, the Provedence Company offers handcrafted luxurious solid perfumes and colognes which are carved in a soapstone box from Nepal. It is made from all natural sweet almond oil, beeswax, coconut oil and enhanced with vitamin E and natural preservatives which leaves skin smooth and silky when rolled on. They are a total of fifteen exotic fragrances to choose from such as white lotus, green tea, patchouli and ylang ylang to suit a variety of preferences, whether floral, spicy, fresh or masculine. Unlike synthetic perfumes, these scents will not overpower and have the strength of an eau de parfum.