Should You Get Yourself a Gaming Mouse?

Mad Catz Gaming MouseFor gaming, there are 2 other buttons below its scroll wheel to which I have bound the DPI increase and decrease function to those. The Razer Mamba, on the other hand, has dual sensors (optical and laser) and it can also be used wireless, much like the Naga. The price of these 2 gaming mice are exactly the same at approximately $130 but between the two, I’d rather go for the Naga simply because it has a lot more favorable user reviews compared to the Mamba as seen in this link which compares the best gaming mouse out there. Besides Razer, a suitable option would be Logitech’s gaming mice, in particular the Logitech Wireless G700. It doesn’t have the highest DPI level (only 5700) but the overall build quality of this mouse is just fantastic. Weighing at about 5.3 ounces, which is almost twice as heavy as the lightest mouse, it is rather bulky dimensions so it might take some getting used to. Reviews of this mouse are stellar. I’ve personally tested the G700 and I love how my palms curve along the side of the mouse very comfortably. Oh, and you can also use it in its wireless mode. There are a couple of complaints by previous users about its high power consumption however.

Everything else is practically the same but reports have demonstrated that their durability seems significantly enhanced as well. Prior models are known to break down consistently after a year or two of usage. Apparently, this has all been fixed in the new models and they are supposed to last you many years. That is still yet to be seen however since they’re new and all. If you’re planning on getting wireless alternatives, I’d recommend either the Razer Mamba or Naga Epic depending on your current budget. For MMOs, Naga Epic wins hands down thanks to the amount of programmable buttons that it has on its left side and its wireless features are excellent for a gaming mouse as well. This wireless gaming mouse has 12 of these buttons lined up in 3 different rows on the left side and all of them are accessible via the thumb, which are necessary for wireless mice.

So, if you’re running it on batteries (wireless mode), you could probably squeeze out a solid 10-15 hours before they have to be recharged again. It isn’t really a problem for me though because I never game more than 10 hours in a row and if you do, you could get battery replacements stored nearby so you could replace them whenever necessary. Raids in World of Warcraft have been known to last longer than that so you’ll have to constantly remind yourself to change them once in a while. I’ll also like to mention a little about the Roccat mice range. They’re certainly not as popular as the leading titans (Razer, Cooler Master etc) but the quality of their mice are surprisingly good. The Roccat Kone XTD and Roccat Kone Plus are their best selling mice and for good reason. Both of them have laser sensors and the best part of it all is the fact that they’re priced relatively low at $90 and $66 respectively.